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Will I get injured training martial arts?

Focus Mitts

Safety is ensured when you employ the right teaching methods, along with the right equipment. Having the right equipment allows you to throw your punches and kicks full force with no risk to your training partner. This is done though the use of focus mitts, and Thai pads. Bruce Lee was the first to introduce the comprehensive use of training equipment in the martial arts. Before him, martial artists were mainly practicing their strikes by stopping a few inches from their target. This is not only unrealistic training, as it doesn't develop power in your strikes, but it is also hard on the joints to lock out strikes in the air without making contact with anything. Everyone who comes to our studio is trained in how to properly hold training equipment for their partners to ensure a safe and fun workout. Being properly trained significantly reduces the likelihood of injury. Besides the rare bruise from something like practicing a lock, training with us will leave you with the same amount of muscle soreness you would get from any good workout.

Our next principle is collaboration. This is a mindset that is crucial for the way we train and for you to be successful at our studio. The idea of collaboration means that we are all working together on each other's success. You train with your partner, not on your partner. You should be invested in the growth of everyone you train with. We are not training opponents, we are training fellow travelers along the journey. All of us are invested in each other's growth and continued improvement and development of key attributes.

The above two principles help to foster an important part of our culture. We are not a fighters gym, we are a martial arts studio. Most of us have jobs that we have to wake up to and the last thing we want is to head into work with swollen knuckles or a black eye. The mindset that guides a martial arts studio will also guide the way they train. Our mindset is to ensure safety, have a great workout, and have fun! After all, who wants to continually do something that makes them feel miserable? Therefore, I believe that a collaborative training philosophy, along with the proper use of training equipment, allows one to train in the martial arts for longevity. It is through training for longevity that we gain all of the benefits of martial arts such as a quiet mind, dangerous body, and compassionate soul. If you like the sound of our philosophy, give us a try and register for weekly group classes or book a private lesson!

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