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What is Brazilian Jiu Jitsu?

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is a martial art sport comprised primarily of grappling and ground fighting. BJJ is a truly unique self-defense system with leverage-based techniques, including joint-locks and chokeholds allowing a smaller opponent to overcome and subdue a bigger, stronger opponent.

Who is BJJ for? 

BJJ is a self-defense system that is appropriate for everyone regardless of size or strength. BJJ is also known as "the gentle art" to emphasize the

importance of leverage and technique to overcome size and strength. Our BJJ training is appropriate for men, women, and children. 

We are an official training group for Burton Richardson's BJJ for the Street. You will learn Brazilian Jiu Jitsu the way it was originally intended, with a focus on street self-defense. While learning the fundamentals of BJJ you will also learn to use BJJ to defend against weapons and other street fighting situations. BJJ for the Street will teach you to confidently defend yourself in real life situations and especially if you face a much bigger attacker. 


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Brenden Troster - Owner / Head Coach

  • Full Instructor - Jeet Kune Do

  • Full Instructor - Filipino Martial Arts

  • Bronze Certified - USA Wrestling Coach

  • Copper Certified - USA Wrestling Coach

  • Certified - USA Boxing Coach

  • Purple Belt in BJJ and Submission Catch Wrestling


Burton Richardson - BJJ for the Street

Guiding Black Belt Instructor for BJJ