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Which Martial Art is Right for Me?

People come to martial arts for various reasons. Some people come because they want to get in better shape. Others come because they are looking for a unique experience. Some students are looking for practical self-defense skills. Then there is the group of people who watched a movie that features a particular style and they want to learn that. I'm not going to focus on the last category of people who want to learn how to use a Ninja blowgun but lets take a look at some of the other motivations.

One of the aspects about our training is that it fulfills almost any of those desires. Our workouts will get you in shape and provide fun workouts. One of the biggest benefits of the way we train is that the workouts are almost never the same so you don't get bored. Each of our classes contain drills that develop your speed, timing, footwork, coordination, power, while also getting your heart rate up. The unique combination of arts incorporated into our drills make our workouts exciting and fun!

When it comes to practical self-defense, I feel that we have the leg up on any martial art out there. Bruce Lee referred to Jeet Kune Do as scientific street fighting. The principles and techniques we practice have been taught to the U.S. Navy SEALS, DEA, FBI, CIA, and law enforcement agencies across the world. The only reason these elite agencies would choose the methods of Progressive Fighting Systems over and over again, is because they work! If you are looking for practical self-defense then that is exactly what you will get in our classes. You are learning techniques and training methods that have been "battle tested". The nice thing about our school is that you will be learning them in a safe, fun, and friendly format. All of us have jobs that we have to get up and go to in the morning. We are not a fighters gym, we are a martial arts school that focuses on creating a safe, fun, collaborative environment. This type of environment fosters learning as we are each concerned with the progress of, not only ourselves, but our training partners. We engage in training that could be called combative by its nature, but we are not competitive.

When it comes to a unique experience, our style of training and our lineage provide a martial arts training experience that is unique and fulfilling. Our group classes are meant to take someone from no experience to developing martial arts skills in all ranges of fighting: standing, trapping, and ground fighting. We focus on training the average person who would like to get in shape and learn practical self-defense. The concepts and philosophies of Bruce Lee and Dan Inosanto guide us in our training and provide you with a place where you can learn authentic Jeet Kune Do concepts in a safe and fun format. Many martial arts schools that claim to teach Jeet Kune Do will have a grappling class, a Thai boxing class, and a weapons class. They have this format without ever putting it all together. This is against what Bruce Lee was teaching and training himself. The idea is to put things together in a way that they blend and flow. You should be comfortable in all ranges and the only way to do that is through training all elements in your drills. Paul Vunak has developed training methods that are cutting edge and allow one to comfortably flow through all ranges of a self-defense situation so that you are prepared for anything. This style of training is fun, functional, and a great workout. If you would like to join our weekly group classes join us at our location within the Meraki Studios!

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