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Rapid Assault Tactics

Rapid Assault Tactics was designed by Sifu Paul Vunak and has been taught to the US Navy SEALS, DEA, FBI, and over 50 different law enforcement agencies. This program was designed to help you develop fully functional fighting skills in a very short amount of time. You will train for a total of 10 hours and learn how to use the most deadly and barbaric tools on the human body that negate attackers regardless of size, strength, or experience. You also learn the most lethal weapons tactics so that any object you can pick up becomes a valid self-defense tool. This training is intense but fun and is appropriate for any experience level!


Women's Self-Defense

Our women's self-defense seminars are unique. There are no complicated techniques and moves that you will forget when you leave the door. We teach you simple, and effective tools that you can use to escape dangerous situations and achieve safety. This course will help you to never walk in fear again!



Learn to use blunt and edged weapons with our unique training approach. These seminars will teach you not only to use but also how to defend against blunt and edged weapons.

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