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Self-Defense for Senior Executives

Senior executives and business owners can find themselves in situations where they must defend themselves. These situations are becoming more prevalent as society becomes more violent. In fact, as a successful person, your lifestyle can be a magnet for opportunistic criminals. It is imperative that you learn how to defend yourself effectively. As a successful person you likely don't travel around with weapons on you all day. It is important to know what to do if you become the target of an aggressive attack.


My name is Brenden Troster. I'm a licensed marriage and family therapist, full instructor in Jeet Kune Do, Filipino martial arts, USA Wrestling Coach, and USA Boxing Coach. I have been running Freestyle Martial Arts since 1998. I've taught everyone from senior executives, real estate agents, and even a former nun!


With 22 years of martial arts training and experience we have developed an executive self-defense program that is easy to learn, efficient, and effective. We have taken the same concepts that are taught to top government agencies and refined them to meet the needs of the modern business executive. Government agencies, like business executives, don't have years to spend teaching self-defense. They need something people can learn quickly and effectively. The concepts in our program have been taught to the CIA, DEA, FBI, and over 50 different law enforcement agencies. At Freestyle Martial Arts, we have used these concepts to develop an executive self-defense program that can be learned quickly and effectively. You don't have years to develop top level martial arts skills and that is ok.


Our executive self-defense program will take you through 10 hours of training where you will learn how to use the most deadly tools on your body to neutralize threats and get to a place of safety. 

We teach you:

  • The effective use of surprise and speed. This allows you to disable an assailant when they are not expecting it. 

  • How to use strategic striking to disable someone even if they are feeling no pain due to drugs. 

  • Situational awareness to assess threats.

  • How to escape if taken to the ground. 

  • How to use easily accessible objects as effective weapons.

  • How to escape from the most common grabs and holds. 

  • How to defend yourself against a gun or knife. 

  • Peace of mind. The confidence and peace that comes from knowing you can defend yourself in a high stress physical assault is a priceless part of this program. 


This training takes a total of 10 hours and is typically scheduled over two weekends. However, the training is flexible and can be scheduled at your convenience. 

The cost of this program is $2000 with a $200 deposit. 

Call 507-402-9154 to schedule

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