Executive Self-Defense

This program is exclusively offered to the traveling business executive. You will learn the same science and concepts taught to elite special forces, the DEA, FBI, CIA, and Law Enforcement agencies. This program has been tailored to meet your needs as a traveling business executive. The goal is to teach you practical self-defense skills in a matter of hours. It is a total of 2 days of training. You will learn how to defend yourself against clubs, sticks, knives, standing, and on the ground. We know you have to go to work the next so you can rest assured that the training is conducted in a safe, fun, but very effective manner. You will learn how to defend yourself in multiple situations including: being grabbed from behind, being tackled from behind, being attacked in a small space such as an elevator, defending against a knife, defending against a gun, defending against blunt objects. This program will teach you lethal self-defense skills in a matter of hours. The unique aspect of this program is that you will not be learning a multitude of techniques that you will forget when you leave the door, but you will learn principles and some basic weapons on your body that you will carry with you for the rest of your days!

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