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Private Women's Self Defense Training
25% off Any Training Option!!

Women's self-defense training differs from men's in some key ways.

1. Women are far more likely to be grabbed.

2. Women are more likely to experience violence associated with dating.

3. Women are more likely to experience a sneak attack.

These key differences means that your training should have a slightly different focus at the outset. When beginning, it is important for you to gain some competence in the ways that you are most likely to be attacked. Private self-defense training addresses these areas first!

Self Preservation vs Self Perfection

We call this type of training self-preservation. You can learn self-preservation training fairly quickly. Most martial arts begin with self-perfection training and you spend hours of learning techniques that have no application in a real life physical assault. The scenarios that are concerned with the 3 points above are comprehensively addressed before you move onto more in-depth martial arts training. You focus on learning competence in real life physical assaults first!!

To get even better at self-preservation you need to move to an area of training called self-perfection. With self-perfection training you move to enhancing key attributes like speed, timing, coordination, and footwork. This type of training helps you grow physically, emotionally, and spiritually. When you have the confidence to walk in peace you have greater self-esteem, handle life stress better, and are a more spiritually mature person, operating from a place of compassion and understanding.

You do not need to be in shape to begin this training!

You can use this program to get into shape! You do not need any previous experience! We have worked with women of all levels. Two common questions that are often asked: "Do I need to be in shape?" and "What if I haven't had previous training?" Many of the people we train are looking to get into shape and have had no previous experience in the martial arts. There are few reasons to not start today. You can book your appointment online below and we will contact you with additional details. Don't delay and start today! You will receive your first lesson at 25% off and pay only $75.00! Unlike most places we will also allow you to train with a friend and split the cost!

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